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  • Integrated Cutting And Beveling Machine Pipe Preparation Lines

    Contact NowIntegrated Cutting And Beveling Machine Pipe Preparation LinesIntegrated Cutting & beveling Machine Our Integrated cutting & beveling Machines have achieved the international standard by utilizing lots of advanced techniques. The pipes go through the machine body, clamped automatically. The tool plate starts to rotate and complete cutting and two...Read More

  • Portable Orbital Thin Wall Pipe Cutting Saw Machine

    Contact NowPortable Orbital Thin Wall Pipe Cutting Saw MachineOrbital tube cutting and beveling machine is the cost effective and reliable solution to square cut and bevel almost all types of metal pipe.Read More

  • Longitudinal Inside Seam welding machines YB-HLN

    Contact NowLongitudinal Inside Seam welding machines YB-HLNHLN Longitudinal Inside Seamer Welding Machines Product Descriptions HL Longitudinal Inside Seam Welding Machine is used to weld inside seams of medium wall thickness tank. It supports Plasma, TIG and MIG/MAG welding process. The material processed can be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum...Read More

  • CO2 Welding Wire

    Contact NowCO2 Welding WireMaterial of Co2 Material of Co2 welding wire: CO2 Gas Shielded Welding Wire is made from excellent Ho8Mn2SiA steel by drawing, straightening and copper coating. Features and application of Co2 welding wire: Stable electric arc, low splashing, high deposition efficiency and good welding seam.Co2...Read More

  • Low Carbon Steel Welding Wire

    Contact NowLow Carbon Steel Welding WireHigh quality low carbon steel welding wire flux-cored welding wire Material: Copper / Copper Alloy, low alloy steel Standard: AWS A5.20; E71T-1; ER49-1;ER70S-6 and so on Packaging Details: In plastic spool or steel basket with 1kg/5kg/15kg net weight each,250kgs/350kgs/400kgs each bucket...Read More

  • Special Light Turning Roller Welding Rotator

    Contact NowSpecial Light Turning Roller Welding RotatorSpecial Welding Rotator Light Turning Roll This product is applied in the manual welding and automatic welding for metallic tank. It is the necessary for the pressure vessel manufacturing. It has the good character as advanced technology, reliable quality, easy operation and so on. This tank...Read More

  • Automatic High Quality All Position Orbital TIG Closed Welding Head

    Contact NowAutomatic High Quality All Position Orbital TIG Closed Welding HeadAutomatic High Quality All Position Orbital TIG Welding Head (tube/tube welding head) The welding head is specially designed orbital TIG welding head without wire feeding for kinds of pipe fitting. The sealed cavity is filled with protective gas before welding to ensure the quality of welds. This...Read More

  • HGJ Welding Rotators

    Contact NowHGJ Welding RotatorsHGJ Welding Rotators The welding rollers are widely used for automotive circumferential seam welding applications. They are necessary devices for automatic welding of pressure vessels and are advantageous in their reliable high quality, advanced performance, simplicity of operation. Product...Read More