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Longitudinal Seam Welding Machines

  • Welding Power Source iOrbital3600

    Contact NowWelding Power Source iOrbital3600IOrbital3600 orbital Welding Power Source iOrbital3600 orbital welding power source is designed and manufactured according to advanced technology. The power source is made up of controller, power supply and water cooling system. The controller is with simple operating interface for easy...Read More

  • MIG Narrow Groove Welding Machines

    Contact NowMIG Narrow Groove Welding MachinesMIG Narrow Groove Welding Systems MIG narrow groove welding systems is made up of one narrow groove MIG welding head, manipulator, positioner and MIG Programmable Orbital Welding Power Source, controlled by PLC. This system is suitable to bevel depth of 250mm narrow groove welding (width 9~12mm,...Read More

  • Automatic Welding Turning Rolls

    Contact NowAutomatic Welding Turning RollsAutomatic Welding Turning Rolls for Pressure Vessel / Tank / Boiler-HGJ Type The Rotators are built in capacities from 3ton to 60 ton. According to capacity load, the rotator wheels are of PU or FULL metals, which can ensure the support capacity and maintain working long time. The Rotators are...Read More

  • New Automatic Tube-Tubesheet Welding System (TP060 +iorbital3600+TPF03)

    Contact NowNew Automatic Tube-Tubesheet Welding System (TP060 +iorbital3600+TPF03)Automatic orbital tube to tubesheet welding system (TP060 +iorbital3600+manipulatorTPF03) For OD16-89mm 1. TP060 welding head for t ube to tube sheet This welding head is designed for normal tube to tube sheet TIG welding, suit for automatic welding with small tubes. It could weld carbon steel,...Read More