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Youbest Welding Pipe Fabrication Machine
Jun 01, 2016

Youbest Welding Pipe Fabrication Machine

Pipe Fabrication Machine

Product Description

Fixed-type High Speed Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine 

Roller-bench-type Pipe Plasma Cutting and Beveling Machine

High Speed Pipe Cutting Band Saw Machine 

Fixed-type Pipe End Beveling Machine

Piping Prefabrication Fast Fitting-up Machine

Piping Prefabrication Automatic Welding Machine or Piping Automatic Welding Machine (cantilever type)

Automatic Conveying System 

Steel Structure Pipe Racks

Production Efficiency: Excellent(Hoisting with overhead traveling crane,
Beveling with High Speed Cutting and Beveling Machine and Welding with automatic welding machine)

Application Range: Often Carrying on Piping Projects or Piping prefabrication

1. Special for elbow welding in Oil & Gas Pipe Spool Fabrication
2. With zero-balance weight design
3. Suitable for pipes from O. D. 2" to 48"
4. TIG/MIG/SAW are optional
5. Automatic root pass, fill, and cap pass
6. PLC system control, WPS programmed
7. More than 99% qualified first X-ray test.