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Youbest High Speed Pipe Facing Machine
Jun 17, 2017

This new dedicated device (pipe facing machine) is designed specifically for facing uneven tube ends of heat exchanger & boilers, in order to improve productivity and operability. Youbest tube facing machine is developed and innovated in the introduction of European and American advanced technology and ideas, combined with practical experience.

youbest facing machine effect.jpg tube facing machine youbestwelding.jpg

Functions & Features

l  Immediately scraping the extra length of the tube ends, but also can clean the weld when repairing the heat exchanger and boiler, a machine more use

l  Pneumatic locking and positioning, safe and fast

l  pusher type feed and withdraw, quick and easy

l  Mechanical cold cutting, will not damage the tube material, just a few seconds to complete a flat tube end

l  Long service life, low cost, high efficiency

l  According to the characteristics of heat exchangers and boilers, the design of tool holder and cutter is more reasonable

l  Using of balance principle, safe and comfortable ergonomics design, to reduce the burden of operation

l  Small compact knife head, can adjust the length freely to control the nozzle length

l  Suitable materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Tube Outer Diameter

Φ16-38mmSpecial diameter need  to be customized

Tube Wall Thickness


No Load Speed




Tube Material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium   material, etc.