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Three Single Welding Machine
Feb 22, 2016

Three seamless welding machine features: 1) are ideal for lamination, transfer-printed, two-color co-extrusion, spray welding color profile 2) welding Liu cleared at once when welding is finished, and strictly control the size of the gap, so the color window after the welding is completed, surface welding is very beautiful, upscale, angular intensity of welding strength than the original profile. 3) through the control and pneumatic system, mode of the welding strength is enhanced, especially in the melt, thaw-gap software processing, butt welding, welding strength of guarantee under different environmental conditions, and can be quantified through digital parameter adjustment. Working pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa input power 220V 50HZ consumption 150L/min height length power 3.5Kw profile 400~3500mm profile 20~120mm profile width: 120mm (max) dimensions weight 4300x1000x1700mm 1200Kg