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The Great Welding And Gases Road Trip
Mar 21, 2016

We’ve all seen trains, but how often do you think about the tracks they’re riding on? Trains can’t go anywhere without those steel rails, and they have everything to do with welding. Railroads buy rails in short segments that crews or special machines flash butt weld or thermite weld into lengths of up to a mile. No surprise, it’s called welded rail, and it provides the durability and longevity that railroads need, while allowing trains to travel faster, more safely and more smoothly.


The GrandLuxe Express offers luxury rail trips across the country, including “rail cruises” through national parks, the Rockies and the Deep South. One train even goes to Mexico. Passengers ride in vintage cars that have been fully restored, and enjoy private cabins, unspoiled scenery, meals served by uniformed waiters and drinks in the lounge car during the 4- to 10-day trips.