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Small Gantry CNC Flame/ Plasma Cutting Machine
May 26, 2016

Small Gantry CNC Flame/ Plasma Cutting Machine


Process Usage:Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools


Movement Method:Linear Control


Control Method:Closed-Loop Control


Numerical Control:NC


Performance Classification:High-End CNC Machine Tools

Product Description     

1)Structural Features:
1. Small CNC Cutting Machine can be easily operated like a printer and threw off the restriction of cnc technology. Only need a common computer which has both WindowsXP system and CNC system software, Cutting Machine by USB interface and operate the machine to cut any complex 2D graphics on steel plate.
2. With industrial CNC system, which replace the Commercial All-in-One PC, the bigbee CNC cutting machine has the same function as Gantry CNC Cutting Machine.
3. Hand-held remote controller, easy and safe operation.
4. The cross beam can adjust itself automatically; Angle with the guide rails when the machine turns on every time.
5. Guide rails are made of ball bearing steel after heat treatment and precise grinding. They were chrome faced and durable.
6. Cross beams adopts aluminium alloy draw forming technology, volume production, light weight, high consistency and durability.
7. Adopts through-type lifting structure and the lifter running uses ball screw. The torch never shake during lifting.