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Robot Welding In Shipbuilding, China's Shipbuilding Industry Into The Era Of Intelligence
Jun 23, 2017

China Shipbuilding heavy Industry group developed by the first set of fully independent intellectual property rights of ship manufacturing multi-functional cabin welding robot, has been in Dalian Shipbuilding heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. successfully passed the probationary period, the official induction welding shipbuilding. The successful development of the robot has broken the foreign monopoly and made our country become the fourth country in the world with this kind of advanced equipment.

This is the reporter 21st from China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group was informed. According to the introduction, through the use of a variety of welding robot replacement manual work, the shipyard's workshop is also more intelligent. As long as the first-line staff in the information electronic terminal operators using Barcode data acquisition technology, can be real-time tracking manufacturing, data collection and information.

Due to the lack of intelligent automation level, most of our shipbuilding efficiency is only 30% of the Japanese and Korean level. China Shipbuilding heavy Industry group in charge of the introduction, ship manufacturing multi-functional cabin Welding robot post, our ship's segmented manufacturing capacity close to Japan and South Korea advanced Shipbuilding Enterprise level, workshop energy consumption reduced by 10. 8%, the efficiency of the equipment increased by 30%. By 2018, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group will build 7 intelligent manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprises, set up more perfect intelligent manufacturing standard system 2020 years ago, realize the basic common standard and the key technical standard cover completely.