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Piping Spool Prefabrication Production Line
May 24, 2016

Piping Spool Prefabrication Production Line

Pipe Spool Fabrication System (in workshop)
Pipe Spooling Fabrication Production Line
Workshop Type Piping/ Pipe Spooling Fabrication System

Production Capabilities: 20-150 thousands diameter-inch/month(or depend on workshop area and equipment config or as per request)

Suitable for pipe diameter: 2~24"

Basic configuration:

Fixed-type high speed pipe cutting and beveling machine
Roller-bench-type pipe plasma cutting and beveling machine
High speed pipe cutting band saw machine
Fixed-type pipe end beveling machine, many sets of piping prefabrication fast fitting-up machine
Piping prefabrication automatic welding machine
Automatic conveying system and a set of steel structure pipe racks...

Technical parameters:
Pipe diameter: Dn50-600(60-610mm)or as per request
Pipe thickness: 3-80mm
Conveying speed: 2-20m/min
Beveling speed:5min / two bevels(dn200 sch40)
Automatic welding rate:60%
Prefabrication ratio: 50%~80%
Design software: Pdsoft 3dpiping
Management software: Pdsoft spfms.

Type Fixed Type in workshop
Production Capacity 20-150 Thousand Dia-inch/Month(Depend on the workshop area and equipment config or as per request
 Pipe Diameter  DN50-600
 Material  C.S/S.S
 Wall Thickness  3-100MM