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Pipe Spool Fixed Workshop Pipe Fabrication Line
Nov 05, 2016
Pipe Spool Welding Stations

  • Automatic Production Line: Comprehensive

  • Automation: Automation

  • Rhythm: Flow Production Line

  • Applicable Pipe Size: 2"-80"

  • Bevel Type: V,Double V, U, J and Compound Bevel

  • Welding Type: Autuomatic Root Pass, Fill in & Final Pass.

  • Suitable Fields: Oil & Gas, Energy Engineering

  • Origin:China

  • Transmission Type: Flexible

  • Flexible Production: Intelligent Manufacturing

  • Production Scope: Product Line

  • Applicable Pipe Thickness: 3-60mm

  • Applicable Pipe Length: 0.5-12m

  • Welding Process: TIG/MIG/Fcaw/Saw;Gtaw/Gmaw/Saw

  • Productivity: 1 Million Dia-Inch Per Year

  • Fitting up: Multifunction Pipe to Fittings Fit up

  • HS Code: 851531910

Product Description
Automatic Pipe spool fabrication production line;
Automatic Pipe Fabrication Line
Automatic Pipe Fabrication Production Line
Automatic Piping spool fabrication production line (numerical control type)

1. Performance features:

High speed pipe cutting and beveling machine(PLC),
CNC pipe flame/plasma cutting and beveling machine (roller bench type), high speed pipe cutting band saw machine (PLC)
High speed pipe end beveling machine (PLC)
Piping prefabrication fast fitting-up station
Piping prefabrication automatic welding machine (PLC)
Piping cantilever automatic welding machine (PLC)
Piping handling conveying system
Lateral conveying system/kick in or kick out system for onloading & offloading automatically
Light/heavy rail transporter system
Longitudinal roller conveyor system
Piping spool fabrication marking / identification system
Real time manufacturing monitoring system
Automatic alert system
Real time data acquisition system/Code Control System
Steel structure pipe racks
Piping plant design software
Piping fabrication process management software
Piping Fabrication Management with digital handheld unit, Barcode/Code System

2. Production efficiency: Eextremely high ( hoisting by overhead traveling crane, beveling by high speed pipe cutting and beveling machine and welding by automatic welding station)

3. Applicable industries: Oil & gas, oil refinery facilities, petrochemical, onshore & offshore, chemical engineering, nuclear power plant, shipbuilding, power plant, energy, aerospace, cement plant, metallurgical engineering, heavy industry, construction & installation etc.

4. Production capacity: 20, 000~150, 000 di/ month (or depend on workshop size or machines config), reduce manpower input, improve automation level & efficiency, and save much more cost.

We Not Only Supplied Software System & Automated Equipments, But Also Supplied Systematized & Integrated Piping Spool Fabrication Solutions to Esteemed Customers which included raw materials prefabrication solutions, fabrication process management, finished spools Non-destructive testing solution & Tracking Solutions, and spools storage & transportation solutions.

5. Basic Specs:

  Technical DescriptionStandard Type  :Custom-Made  :

  Suit for Pipe Diameter:
  2" -12" /24" /32"  2" -40" /48" /60"or above

  Pipe Wall Thickness:
  3-80 (mm)  3-80 (mm)

  Conveying Speed:
  2-20 m/min    2-20 m/min

  Welding type:
  Automatic root pass, fill in & final pass  Automatic root pass, fill in & final pass

  Welding Process:
  Automatic Pipe Welding Rate:60%  60%