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Pipe Profile CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting Machine
Nov 22, 2016

Pipe Profile CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting Machine

pipe cutting machine is special designed steel pipe 3-D auto-cutting equipment. After inputting of basic data or leading proper format files, it is capable of automatically processing hole cutting, beveling, grooving, multi-branch and shrimp sections. It is widely used in steel structure, oceaneering, bridge and steel tower building, petrochemical piping and pressure vessel industry.

Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting and beveling.

Maximum cutting pipe diameter 1600mm.

3D cutting.

Touch screen panel, convenient and fast data inputting, easy to use and learn.

Saving cutting data any time, able to create technical data base by user.

Compatible with steel structure designing software, expanding of machine function.

Stable and reliable, able to cutting successively.