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Orbital Welder for Pipe
Oct 29, 2016
Basic Info
  • Engineer Oversea Service Is Available: 2"-60" Pipe

  • Origin: China

  • Specification: Many kinds

Product Description


1,All Position Automatic Welding Machine is specialism for large and intermediate Dia of pipeline of circular seam welding ,design and manufacturing for all position automatic welding.

2,This welding machine is suitable for the large and intermediate Dia of pipe of circular seam welding's hoting welding,filling welding and cap welding ring welded joint's thermit welding, the packing welds with the screen welds.

3,The welding machine is composed of the following four parts: Welding head (including trolly travel system, welding torch swinging system, welding torch to raise system, welding torch feeding system, welding control box),welding track, controlling system,welding source.

4,Owing to the pipeline ,especially our country widespread use spiral welded pipe Dia difference is too large, the dia of pipe ellipticity, groove bevels processing's anomalous, lead to when fitting up at job site, sometimes will happen the bevel width and narrow vary, the misalignment and so on, will be unable with the regular bevel hypothesis's parameter to weld completes the fine weld bead, in this case the welder must through the observation molten tool, the real-time adjustment parameter, especially the amplitude of vibration and the both sides resident time, can obtain the fine weld bead.

5,Considered electricity generation frequency unsteady and the transient state responded the slow butt weld quality the influence in the field job site, has used the broadband characteristic inversion power source. Simultaneously had considered the bad construction conditions in the field job site, equipment load continuing leads the high special request, the essential component, such as electrical motor, bearing, the sensor and the chip select the Specialized company famous brand the import parts.

6,The control circuit wafer and the complete machine carry on the load aging to examine and to vibrate the examination, guarantees equipment's redundant reliability truly.

7,One kind of pipeline diameter applies one kind of specially made welding track, the standard config only with one specification welding track (to be possible optional).