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Orbital Tube to Tube Sheet Welding Head TP060
Jun 01, 2016

Orbital Tube to Tube Sheet Welding Head TP060

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:TP060

  • Specification:550x290x510mm

  • Origin:China

Orbital Tube To Tube sheet Welding Heads,welding machines

Product Descriptions

TP060 welding head is TIG welding head for tube to tube-sheet, which is used for carbon steel, stainless steel tube to tube-sheet connection, mainly for protrusion tube and flush tube without wire feeding or with wire feeding. The standard one is small torch; it could weld high protection requirement material such as Titanium alloy with tow cover. OD ≤32mm, use localizer to fix; OD32mm, use collect to fix. 
Product Features
With/without wire feeding TIG DC/Pulse welding;
No wire twist design and special wire feeding design to achieved complex single-layer welding or multi-layer welding requirements;
Durable welding torch design, suitable for tungsten electrode up to Φ3.2, improve duty cycle significantly;
Pneumatic expandable mandrel for positioning, connecting to the balancer accurately and reliable, which is suitable for tube to tube-sheet structure welding in boiler industry;
Compatible with manipulator and suitable for heat exchanger industry;
Suitable for materials of carbon steel, stainless steel, zirconium alloy flush tube and protrusion tube;
Unique arc length control design, received national patent.