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Laser Welding Machine
Jul 16, 2016

Laser Welding Machine

  • Introduction:

    • Application material: stainless steel, steel plate,and other metal and alloy

    • Super welder laser welding word machine advantages: high accuracy, can weld small and complex typeface and logo, high speed, no chromatic aberration and trace after welding, with beautiful appearance, no need processing

    • Aim at advertising word industry, special king-size light path, arbitrary rotation for 360, higher flexible range

    • No protuberant welding spot on the welding surface,no need the process of polishing and burnishing, saving working time, graceful and steady for the structure

    • No noise and no pollution

    • Option CCD monitor, welding result is much clearer

  • Advantages:

    • Laser cooling machine

    • Panasonic and Sony, other imported parts adopted in the whole machine

    • German technology, maintenance for whole life

    • Adopt high-power laser power devices

    • Continuous work for 24 hours