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Laser Welding Compared With Traditional Welding Methods
Feb 22, 2016

OFweek laser net news: laser technology is the following electronics, computers, semiconductors after an important invention, not only excellent performance, but is widely used, both now and in civilian areas, industrial and military areas, are now laser application form. Can say that laser technology is everywhere now changed our lives, let us get rid of some of the traditional processing problems, create more high quality services and products for us, today's new impetus to the process. Now with the increasing popularity of laser technology, as well as the development of related industries, and now laser technology applied to unprecedented growth, in today's high-tech electronics, automotive manufacturing led, precision processing is widely used in the field, while traditional processing, laser technology is more and more used to the present. Laser welding of laser applications in one direction, is a combination of technology and traditional technology now, but has the same characteristics and traditional processing, laser welding has high power density and release energy quickly, so in terms of process efficiency to be more superior than the traditional way.