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Laser Equipment Helps Minster Metal Fabricator
Mar 14, 2016

For the Sidney Daily News


MINSTER — Fabcor is keeping up with changing technology by purchasing a state-of-the-art laser tube butter and Devlieg boring mill.

“Fabcor is now able to provide the most advanced laser tube cutting on the market today,” said Jon Hoying, president and owner of Fabcor.

Fabcor, which has a 72,000-square foot, 8-acre manufacturing facility, is a metal fabricator shop.

The family-owned company introduced its new BLM LT8 laser tube cusster, a 3,500 watt cutter with a 28-foot tube length capacity. The machine can cut up to 8 inches square and diameter, and it can cut carbon, stainless steel and aluminum, up to three-fourths of an inch of steel.

“The BLM also tackles open profiles including angles, flats, beams and channels, also rectangles, square and round tubing,” Hoying said. “Fabrication costs are reduced through the use of slot and tab, and interlocking joints. We are also able to cut to length, drill any size hole or cut any shape geometry eliminating costly set ups, material handling and extra labor.”

The new equipment gives Fabcor the opportunity to be agile.

“Hard tooling is eliminated and replaced with a flexible beam resulting in maximized production time and minimal waste,” Hoying said. “We can consolidate different tube diameters, shapes and wall thickness to create assemblies. The 3D tilt cutting head provides beveled edges for weld prep, eliminating the need to hand grind.”

The company also has in-house machining capabilities, including a Devlieg Series 5K Boring Mill, a precision, horizontal spindle table boring, milling and drilling machine.

“This machining mill combines extreme accuracy and rigidity,” Hoying said. “The Devlieg machines all types and sizes of workpieces including tool room, one piece jobs and production applications requiring accurate holes and flat surfaces in precise locations while its size boast a hefty 40-inch x 72inch with a load weight limit of 10,300 pounds.”

Fabcor continues to offer 3D CAD engineering, flat laser cutting, press brake and rolling, Mig-Tig-Spot and robotic welding, wet or powder coat finishes, assemblies, deliveries in Fabcor-owned vehicles and have been serving customers for 32 years.