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Hyperbaric Welding On Live Subsea Pipeline
Mar 14, 2016

DCN International Diving and Marine Contractors (DCN) recently employed a new method for a client in Indonesia that made it possible to repair a crack on a 32in live gas pipeline 27m below the Java Sea, three times cheaper compared to installing a bypass.

Awarded by Perushaan Gas Negara (PGN), this was the largest engineering, procurement, installation and construction (EPIC) contract in the company’s history. Here, DCN was tasked to seal a tear in the seven-year-old South Sumatra to West Java Phase II transmission line that takes gas from a number of fields in Sumatra to the gas powered electricity generation plant in Bekasi, Jakarta.

Gas from this power station is used to supply electricity to Jakarta. Since switching to another pipeline was not possible, one of the requirements imposed by PGN was that throughout the repair, the gas supply had to be continued without interruption.