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H beam welding machine
Jul 19, 2016

H beam welding machine

H-beam combination work station is the appropriative equipment for h-beam production, mainly for h-beam assembling, welding and straightening.
It centralizes the function of the assembling machine, welding machine and straightening machine in one combination machine.
It can save the time during regular type work-pieces transportation and space, also improve the annual out-put of the unit area.


1. The H beam gantry gate welding machine has two structures: Gantry gate move type & double 

cantilever move type.
2. Gantry gate or cantilever drive method: AC motor and R series worm reducer.
3. Welding speed: 0.15~1.5m/min.
4. Arc guide frame head function is to mechanically track up and down, left and right.
5. Imported frequency converter is able to realize gantry gate or cantilevers stepless speed 

adjustment,with wide speed adjustment range,high accuracy and constant output torque.
6. Electrical control cabinet includes main control cabinet and remote operation box.
7. Two work-piece at one time.


1,Gantry gate unit:Gantry gate,travel device,lateral sliding device,feeding wire wheel and pipe 

2,Welding arm and carriage:Welding arm,motor transmission device,move device and accessories (2 sets each).
3,Arc guide device:Welding gun,mechanical adjusting unit and feeding wire machine (2 sets each).
4,Flux recovery system:100kg flux recovery machine,separate material barrel,flux hopper,flux recoveryand transmission pipe
5,Electric control system:Electric control cabinet,AC frequency converter,operation box,lighting,

warning light.
6,Pipe and wire system:Welding machine power wire,control wire,welding cable,gantry gate control 

cable,air source pipe,suspending sliding frame.