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China Pipe Spool Fabrication Production Line
Jun 17, 2016

China Pipe Spool Fabrication Production Line



1. With automatic root pass, fill, and cap pass function for pipe spool fabrication

2. TIG/ MIG/ SAW welding technologies are optional

3. Can set up an automatic pipe welding station when working together with turning table, positioner and pressure-head rotator

4. Suitable for pipes less than 48"

5. More than 99% qualified first X-ray test

Pipe Prefabrication Welding Machines


-Pipe Cutting & Beveling All-in-one Machine

-High Speed Band Saw Cutting Machine

-High Speed CNC Pipe End Beveling Machine

-Two / Three / Five Axis CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine

-Multi-function Pipe Fitting-up Station

-Conveyor Handling System

-Small Pipe Welding Station (1''-8'')

-Big Pipe Welding Station (2''-48'')