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China Manufacturer of Tube-Sheet Welding Auto Welding Machine
Jun 18, 2016

China Manufacturer of Tube-Sheet Welding Auto Welding Machine

Product Description

tube to tube sheet welding auto welding machines 

Product function and characteristics
1. Suitable for various kinds of tube-tube plate assembly method;

2.3D frame which is fabricated according to adjust with a fifth dimensional tuning, suitable for pipe diameter very center of smaller intensive heat exchanger welding,

3. The welding head can on the surface doing a 180 degree rotated, convenient to replace tungsten pole and wire fine-tuning operation; Etc.

4. Head of water, electricity, USES the winding way, welding can continuous rotary, cooperate the arc length adjustment, which can realize multilayer welding.

5. The weld head adopts water-cooled positioning, avoid pipe head melts in the flow, welder molding beauty,

6. Driving and wire used stepping motor system, the nose reliable,

7. Adopting PLC control system, command nicety, strong anti-jamming capability

8. Friendly human-machine interface adopts LCD touch screen, all Chinese input simple, intuitive operation, convenient,

9. By Panasonic IGBT inverter control DC pulse power, high efficiency, arc welding strong stability, weld bead molding beauty,

10. Compulsory water-cooling systems, equipped with 16 liters stainless steel water trough, do not suffer site conditions, such as water pressure cooling fully, reliable convenient!

11. Operate
All welding parameters fully programmable.
Up to 100 program storage.

12. Features
Used for welding of flush, protruding, recessed tubes or welding behind the tubeplate.

13. Application Industries
Petrochemical, boiler, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, atomic energy, aerospace, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, food machinery,Boiler, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, etc

14. Workpiece:
carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloy, titanium alloyed