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Automatic Steel Pipe End Flange MIG Welding Machine
May 28, 2016

Automatic Steel Pipe End Flange MIG Welding Machine

1. Welding gun is fixed while workpiece rotating. Welding position is horizontal or by angle.

2. Workpiece is positioned by chuck or central hole, pneumatically jigged and rotates synchronously. Loading and unloading rack is underneath. 

3. Welding gun and pneumatic tailstock can be adjusted longitudinally, suitable for various welding.

4. PLC is used to control the whole machine to work. Workpiece rotates by AC frequency stepless,Via touch human-machine interface,parameters can be conveniently input and modified. Frequency-changing speed regulation and stepless adjustment improve machine reliability. 

5. Welding mode and specifications can be preset and memorized.

Type:Automatic Welding Machine

Application:Pipe/Tube Welding Machine

Voltage:3pH 380V 50Hz

Rated Duty Cycle:60%

Welding Mode:MIG

Name:Steel Pipe Flange MIG Welding Machine