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Automated Pipe Spool Fabrication Line
May 25, 2016

Automated Pipe Spool Fabrication Line,Pipe Spool Welding Stations

The Automated Pipe Spool Fabrication Line is used for welding pipe to pipe, pipe to flange, pipe to elbow, pipe to tee etc. It can realize the pipe automatic centering, automatic (manual) clamping, and stable rotation by means of patented headstock technology. It can be used for automatic processing of root pass, filling pass, and cap pass, in cooperation with arc voltage controller (AVC), monitor and so on. 


Product Features

1) The system is designed for pipe pre-fabrication, according to productivity requirement to choose the welding station and designing, all welding stations are connected by effective logistics system, realize all work processes as fixed length, load, bevel, fit-up, spot welding, root pass, filling, cap, it increases efficiency of pre-fabrication

2) Fixed length solves automatic root pass problem in pre-fabrication

3) Using stable PLC controller for ensure welding system work stable and reduce the fault rate;

4) Welding station could be transported by container, to facilitate field operation and relocation;

5) Modular design for reducing time for designing and producing, which is beneficial to production and maintenance;

6) Be widely used in shipbuilding and construction machinery industry.