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All Position Pipe Welding Machine
Nov 16, 2017

All position pipe welding machine consists of welding head, control circuit and welding power supply. Welding power supply can use ordinary thyristor type arc welding power supply, the product request is high to choose the corresponding fast transistor type or inverter welding power supply.

In the whole position of pipe welding, according to the pipe diameter, wall thickness often need to be segmented program control, according to the circumference of the section to choose different welding current and welding speed. Therefore, the control circuit to accurately achieve the head walking, rotation, wire feed speed adjustment, the head swing frequency and stay time change, protection of gas transmission, welding current and arc length control, and the interval of the setting of the time and weld to medium. There are many control parameters and high precision, so the majority of computer programming control is adopted. All parameters are adjusted and controlled by the keyboard, the system has an external printer, recording the real-time changes in the parameters of the welding process, the computer monitor screen can display the welding state and simulate the welding process with the image.

The welding head includes a fixed torch, a duct conveying argon, a wire feeding mechanism, a rotating motor, a transmission gear, a conductive ring and a connecting cable.

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