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All Position Narrow Gap Hot Wire TIG Pipe Welding System
Nov 16, 2017

Narrow gap melting pole gas shielded welding is a method of using arc swing to reach the side wall of welded steel plate. In the method of flat welding, in order to fully weld both sides of the I-shaped groove, so that the arc points to the sides of the groove wall, using a variety of methods: 

① in the welding wire into the groove, so that the welding wire bending method

② to make the wire in the direction of the welding perpendicular to the method of swinging 

③ twist-shaped twisted wire method

④ flux-cored wire welding method 

⑤ using large diameter solid welding wire arc welding method. 

All Position Narrow Gap Hot Wire TIG Pipe Welding System: In addition, a gas shielded welding method using φ (Ar) 30%φ (CO2) 70% as a protective gas and a ф1.6mm solid wire is used to weld the complex joints of special shapes. In the transverse welding method, in order to prevent the molten metal flowing down in the groove of I, the welding method is put forward as follows: using the periodical change of the welding current, the welding method of the wire swinging or dividing the groove into the upper and lower layer, and the welding method of 2 kinds of ways are combined. In order to ensure the penetration of the groove, welding method of the swinging wire and welding current and the synchronous change of the wire swing are developed in the welding method of the narrow gap in the vertical welding.

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