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Longitudinal/Circumferential Welder

longitudinal seam welding machine; Girth welding machine;circumferential seam welding machine;side beam welding machine;welding rotator;turntable;positioner;column and boom
  • HGJ Welding Rotators
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    HGJ Welding Rotators

    HGJ Welding Rotators The welding rollers are widely used for automotive circumferential seam welding applications. They are necessary devices for automatic welding of pressure vessels and are advantageous in their reliable high quality, advanced performance, simplicity of operation. Product...
  • Welding Positioners
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    Welding Positioners

    Welding Positioners Welding Positioner can be used in automatic welding and manual welding for butt joint, end face joint, and welding shaft, plate, barrel and others. Positioners are advantageous in compact structure, attractive appearance, light weight, easy operation and are used as welding...
  • Welding Column And Boom
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    Welding Column And Boom

    Welding Columns & booms The column & boom is one of the main equipments for welding boiler, pressure vessel, pipeline and structural metal.It can be used together with roller, positioner, and rotation mechanism to form automatic welding system, used for pressure vessel welding, spherical...
  • Side Beam Tracks And Carriages YB-HLM
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    Side Beam Tracks And Carriages YB-HLM

    HLM Side Beam Tracks and Carriages Seamers HLM Side Beam Track & Carriage Welding Machine is used for welding circumferential seam and longitudinal seam of work-pieces. It is advantageous in small floor space and easy work-piece loading. It always works with rotation table, work piece...
  • Sheet To Sheet Seamer YB-HP
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    Sheet To Sheet Seamer YB-HP

    HP Sheet to Sheet Seam Welding Machines HP sheet to sheet welding machine is designed for big sheet to sheet welding. It can use PLASMA, TIG, PLASMA & TIG and MIG/MAG welding process. The material can be stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and so on. It is widely applied in...
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