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welding tractor
May 31, 2016

Welding tractor

Welding tractor is a driving mechanism of realizing automatic welding process, and it is installed on the welded rails, is being with welding gun to make circular motion along tube wall, and it is to realize one of important step that the mouth of pipe welds automatically. Welding tractor should have characteristics such as good looking appearance, volume be little, in light weight, easy to operate. Its core is walking mechanism, wire feeder and torch swinging governor motion. Walking mechanism is made up of motor and gear drive; Be position and the speed command that movable motor object computer control module is sent; Motor should have the feedback device that tests the speed, and guaranteeing motor in the accurate contraposition in each position of pipeline circumferential weld, and has speed Tracking function preferably. Wire feeder must guarantee that wire feed rate is accurately stable, has less rotary inertia simultaneously, and dynamic property is better, should have enough driving torques simultaneously. And the torch swinging governor motion should have welding gun phase butt welded seam swing, about end stops, attitude is controlled up and down, the welding gun angle can be regulated etc. function. The above-mentioned various piece of welding tractor is by the programmable automatic control of computer realization. Behind the program start, the welding tractor various piece is according to the logical order coordination of program. When needed also can be by the manual intervention welding process, and program can be adjusted welding parameter and continue executable operations according to the intervention amount automatically this moment.