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Weld Joint Classification
Mar 14, 2016

Basically a joint is created in order to handle spread or transfer stress across the different parts and joints of your weldment.

Since the stresses or loads are going to be put on the various parts of your weldment it is important to create the proper joint to handle them.

This is particularly important for products you will create where lives depend on your welds.

Weld joints have to different types of classification: 

full penetration joints.

partial penetration joints.

A weld joint classified as full penetration basically has the weld go through the whole cross-section of the joint.

A weld joint classified as partial penetration means that the weld metal did not go all the way through your joint.

This is where ratings of welds comes to play. It’s very simple: a weld with 50% penetration (or partial penetration) means that the weld went through the joint half way (50%).