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Plastic welding machine operation method
Feb 22, 2016

Plastic hot collection welding machine: features long Cheung ultrasonic adjustable die Shi used electric lifting system, adjustment more convenient precise, original pressure electric ceramic for can device, output strong stable frequency automatically compensation circuit machine gravity casting forming, precision high, appearance beautiful, with Floorstanding gravity base, put an end to Hou Yang, more stable reliable, used welding head level can mode structure, adjustable die convenient, using stable, welding efficiency high, used digital type Regulation Panel, and with memory system, more precise fast.

Plastic welding machine: examples: daily necessities industry: Compact, makeup/shaving mirrors, Hair Combs, lock ring, vacuum flask, sealed containers, cruet, pipe joints, carrying handle, bottle caps, food containers, automotive lampshades, radiator, etc. Toys: all kinds of ball games toys, stationery, water pistols, plastic gifts, toys, music and all kinds of plastic toys. Electronics: electronic clock, steam irons, vacuum cleaners, telephones, computer keyboards, fans, batteries, and so on. Automotive industry: direction lights, rearview mirror, all kinds of plastic products.