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Pipe fabrication
Nov 22, 2016

Pipe fabrication is the process of manufacturing predesigned piping systems for various uses. Fabricated systems can be used in irrigation and fire protection, among other things. The use determines the size and diameter of the pipes being used, the material that the piping system is to be constructed of, and the different attachments and components that the system will need to contain throughout its layout. Chemical treatments are used to fabricate pipes, as are various types of welding and different sealed joining methods. The purpose is to create a system that will properly suit the client’s intended use for the piping system being made.

Many pipe fabrication facilities also use the process of pipe bending. In this process, a straight section of piping is formed to create curvatures or bends at virtually any angle, depending on the specifications set by the client’s approved design. These tactics have long been an efficient method of creating versatile and exact piping systems, able to fit into almost any existing structure without extensive remodeling or demolition. This process is perhaps one of the most valuable assets to the fabrication process, as it truly allows for full customization.