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Overview of flange automatic welding machine
Feb 22, 2016

Flange automatic welding machine by PLC control, high efficiency welding, operators do not need to know how to weld technology can also be perfect for pipe flanges for welding products. High efficiency welding, welding quality, a flange automatic welding machine for welding yields the equivalent of 3 persons manual's production and stable welding quality, not affected by artificial emotions and technical quality. All controlled by PLC, touch screen you can set the welding machines and related data can be saved in the system, the next time you only called when the welding machine is the same type of product data in a computer, no need to enter again.

Applicable products: large pipe flanges, forged steel valves, small ball, small t-flange, elbow flanges, automotive catalytic converters, auto air reservoir, fire extinguishers, etc.