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Laser welding machine for the failed deal
Feb 22, 2016

At present, the laser welding machine is one of the most commonly used laser equipment. Development of laser welding machine industry is getting better and better, and laser welding machines are widely used in various industries, and because of its very good efficiency of welding, laser welding is the use of high energy density laser beam as a heat source, so that surface melting and solidification of the material as a whole. Size, appearance of weld heat affected zone of welding efficiency, is a welding process an important indicator of good or bad judgement. Replaced the traditional welding equipment laser welding machine, and the majority of the user's favorite. However, some users do not have good knowledge of laser welding machine, so there's no good correct operation of laser welding machine, therefore greatly reducing the efficiency of laser welding machine, even sometimes make use of laser welding machine is not functioning properly. Then introduce to members a detailed laser welding machine fails to properly handle.