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Automatic Welding Machine Daily Maintenance of 8 Major Issues
Jun 17, 2017

Automatic Welding Machine Daily Maintenance Matters:

1. Automatic welding machine in the operation of the chain for vulnerable parts, at least once a year to remove the check, timely processing.

2. The movements of the switch flexibility, reliability should be constantly checked to avoid loosening, damage.

3. The circuit joint must check regularly, maintains the connection firmly, inserts reliably.

4. The dust in the workstation controller and the hand-dryer is to be blown by compressed air for three months.

5. Electrical appliances, knobs, switches to check regularly, to maintain clean and good contact, in order to avoid misoperation.

6. The movement parts such as guide rails, slide frame, screw and nut are regularly inspected to prevent the dust from accumulating and to affect the flexible movement of the moving parts.

7. The combination of the slide guides is not allowed to collide and wear. The key moving parts such as screw and rack should be checked to avoid wear condition frequently.

8. Automatic welding operation machine parts, guides and rollers should be coated grease, closed transmission parts should be injected lubricating oil to maintain the flexible parts movement; The emphasis is on the maintenance of fair wheels and eccentric wheel parts to ensure the fastening of the transverse arm movement.