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3 c technology of laser welding machine industry solutions
Feb 22, 2016

With the rapid development of the society 3C digital products and more and more of people's lives, with in the civilian direction of technology development, around the life of a smart device derived social needs more and more detailed, obvious Visual effects technology, Nokia's Kingdom collapsed with the rise of Apple doesn't happen, believe that technology is still our leader of life. The next 3 c digital products towards high integration, high precision orientation upgraded component within their products more and more compact, electronic integration and higher. So, within the structure of appearance, deformation and welding technique of drawing force for the rising. Laser products because of their high energy, high precision, high directivity characteristics, widely used in 3C digital products within the structure, welding. In the production of the high-end digital equipment, laser welding technology in production volume optimization and quality improvement plays an important role, making the product more lightweight and thin, better stability, and so on.